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    Hi, planning to realize a new site with the new coherence theme – again fine styled and good looking! But when testing the demosite I have the same issue as with all the last five then responsive kriesi-themes beginning with propulsion: the main menu is flickering mostly two times when unfolding, tested on my macbook late 2007 and on (Purchase code hidden if logged out) . Didn’t have this flickering with older theme corona, which would be my alternative theme for the new site if it was responsive. Did Kriesi change “under the hood” in the framework? Or can this issue be solved with an update?


    Hi heiber,

    I’m not quite sure what you mean. This is the first I’ve heard of any kind of bug where the menu flickers. Could you make a screenr video showing what is happening on your end?




    Hi Devin,

    I can confirm this issue happens to me as well : when the page loads, all the dropdowns are displayed, at the same time, on top of each other in a real mess. Then, a second later, everything is hidden nicely. As far as i can replicate, it only happens on iOS and IE 9 and below (which is why i can’t record it)

    It happens on every page load and is making the experience very bad, as a user gets a mess flashed before his eyes every page load.

    here’s screenshots taken while the page is loading :

    To note is that i have already disabled all the shadows and pointers the menu had (JS fancyness in you code) to try and speed it up, but it still happens.


    I’ve flagged the topic for Kriesi to take a look at as I’m not able to test on OSX with IE.




    Hey! I would love to offer a solution but I cannot reproduce the issue in any browser I use :/

    Maybe its got something todo with the loading speed of the site or the internet connection in general but as said before I cannot reproduce this in any way :/

    I will keep this thread open and if more users got the same problem the will hopefully report their issues, so we can find the cause of the problem…


    Devin, I’m using IE9 & IE 8 on Windows. I’ve made a new screenshot showing the problem more clearly (previous screenshots were on iphone, this is on IE9)

    on pages like portfolio items, it’s more noticeable, as it stays like that until the image is loaded, which is why the portfolio image underneath is white.



    Does this also happen on our demo installation or only on your site?

    Best regards,



    i’ve just had a look at the demo, and it doesn’t happen there.

    here’s the link to the website if you need to have a look :

    what do you think the issue is ?


    I will just pop in here if you don’t mind. Just to say..I looked at your site and nothing is flickering on it as I look at it with my computer. Just thought I would share :-)


    Hi radugidei,

    Adding to this conversation… I viewed your website and saw the flicker. By my count your website took 8 seconds to load. Thinking it might be my connection, I immediately checked Kriesi’s demo and had no issue so based on that I think your problem stems from your page’s load time and possibly server response. You may want to look into optimizing your pages with W3 Total Cache or a similar plugin to see if that helps.




    it’s not necessarilly site speed, i’m more worried about the order in which it loads things : on a page with a portfolio for example, the menu stays open like in the screenshot until the first few images are loaded. this is really bad for mobile devices & 3G connections. is there a way to prioritise the menu loading ?


    Mya & Kriesi,

    I’ve installed a Supercache plugin, site speeds are great now, however the menu still behaves like described earlier. It doesn’t in Firefox or Chrome, but in IE on windows & Safari on iOS it is still present. Over 50% of our traffic is from IE, so please look into this further, as we need a fix.


    just to update everyone, the problem was fixed by deleting the theme and applying the updated theme Kriesi uploaded a few days ago to themeforest.

    what was causing it is still unknown to me, as it wasn’t fixed by reinstalling the theme (before the update), or by a caching plugin.

    the menus now behave properly on iOS & IE.


    Glad that its working for you now :)



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