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    The main content of the site is shifted right, and is not in line with the header and footer.



    this sounds like a html structure problem/coding error. Can you post a link to your website please?


    Looks like this only happens in chrome.



    is this problem still occurring for you? For me it shows up aligned perfectly in Chrome & other modern browsers.


    Yea, its occurring for me in Chrome only.


    Could you provide us with a screenshot? I’d love to help you but I can’t help with what I can’t see..


    I’m having the same issue,, and I haven’t edited any of the CSS manually. Have only customised using the theme options in wordpress!

    The homepage is fine,, but you’ll notice the subpage content has shifter to the right (or the header has shifted to the left?) so it doesn’t line up anymore,, I’m not sure at what stage of the customisation this happened?

    Home (ok – everything in line)

    All subpages off to the right by appx 40 pixels for some reason.

    PS, From what I can see it’s only happening in Chrome on a Mac for me, Safari and Firefox it looks fine.



    It’s a bug with the latest version of Chrome. Kriesi will release an update asap. As a quick fix you can add following css code to the quick css field:

    div .container_wrap{display:block; clear:both; }
    div #footer, div #socker{overflow:hidden;}
    #socket .container{margin:0;}


    Beautiful,, fixed it, thanks for the prompt reply!


    Actually, I didn’t scroll all the way down,, the bottom footer is a bit stuffed now,, see this screen shot, – Also that ‘scroll to top’ text link may be buggy with this version of chrome as well it seems? It’s aligned to the bottom?


    Hello guys, Same problem here, only in the latest version of Chrome.

    The quick fix didn’t work.


    Kriesi released an update – you can download it @

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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