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    When I upload an image to the Media Library, I noticed in the actual FTP files that it automatically generates over 20 sizes of the image. Is there a way to limit this or eliminate it all together or is it essential to the theme? I want to streamline the site with only the necessary content. This doesn’t show up in the WP Media library, but it is on the site in the WP-Content folder. Thanks!


    Hi ameliajune,

    That sounds correct. The theme is doing a lot of the leg work on the upload for the files to be displayed in all the other places on the site. So it does cropping and re-sizing then for all the different uses of the image instead of upon request from a user.


    Ah ok. My next question, though, is does it affect optimization and load time? Is there something I should add to address that?


    Not all images are required on each page (eg different images for layout 1, others for layout 2, different images for the column grids, etc.). The different thumbnails sizes won’t affect the performance because they won’t load at the same time.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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