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    1) enabling and disabling woo-commerce plug-in changes my footer. Why? I had used Widget section to set up footers, after changing state of plug-in – everything moved around. Why?

    2) the word “natter” is not getting inserted into the top of my page. Why? How do I get rid of it?



    Hey tamara_cartwright!

    For #1, the issue is in how WordPress set widget columns. When a new widget area is added in to the list of available widget areas (in Appearance>Widgets) it can cause the content of each widget area to shift. So its just a matter of moving the widgets to the correct areas after activating.

    For #2, there isn’t anything in the theme that would do that so my guess is a bad plugin, function or corrupted data somehwere.



    Thank you for the reply. I understand your response to #1.

    For #2 – I have only installed your theme and the woocommerce plugin. My code has this in it.

    You can see the issue:
    It appeared after deactivating the woocommerce plugin … I then reactivated but it is still there.

    Another issue – the contact page content doesn’t show up anymore. It did, now it is gone. The theme options still have contact with fields, but they don’t appear. Why would this happen?

    Thank you for your assistance.



    1) Please try to re-install WooCommerce and the theme with ftp. Just upload the uncompressed (unzipped) themes files into the wp-content/theme/ directory and the woocommerce files into the wp-content/pluhins/ directory and overwrite all existing files. I’m not sure where this “natter” comes from but the theme and WooCommerce code doesn’t contain this string/text and maybe someone accidentally added it to a file.

    2) It seems like this page is used as portfolio page now. Go to Propulsion > Theme Option > Portfolio and make sure another page is selected as portfolio page.

    Best regards,


    Thank you for the reply. I will try to ftp the plugin and theme again …

    As for 2 – Contact is not selected as the portfolio page.

    I am a bit concerned launching a business on this theme when all this mystery is happening.

    Thank you for your help.



    If you can post admin login credentials here as a private response we can log in and take a look.

    I had a client run their full online jewelry store with Propulsion for 2 years without any issues and even here on the support forums I would say your experience is somewhat singular. As Peter mentioned that text string isn’t in the theme or WooCommerce. The contact page issue should be a quick fix.

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