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    Hi papachew,

    It could be for a number of reasons but check that your site isn’t behind a coming soon or login only plugin first. Next, go to WooCommerce settins then go to the Pages Tab and make sure that the dropdown for Login page is pointing towards the page that was created called “Login”.

    You can also go to the page in your Pages and check to make sure it doesn’t have a password set to view it.

    If you have a link to your site we can take a further look at it.




    hi I’m still not able to solve this…hope you can help take a look somehow

    here’s my link http://www.bagshoecleaningsanctuary.com



    It seems like the server doesn’t accept the redirect_to parameter. Following url doesn’t work:




    works. A google search “wordpress redirect_to 403” returned some useful hints – all of them suggested that it’s a server / htaccess configuration issue. Please contact your hoster and ask them to look into it and check your htaccess file content.



    i’ve restored my htaccess to default but still it did not solve the issue

    called hosting, they said its programming stuff they cant help

    i did installed bullet proof security feature which did some stuff to my htaccess. I contact wordpress support under BPS, they said if htaccess is restored and still issue restored then it might not be their issue..

    so im still stuck…anyway you can further help me solve this issue?



    You can edit the code of the login form and change the “Lost Password” link. Open up wp-contentpluginswoocommercetemplatesmyaccountform-login.php and replace following line:

    echo esc_url( wp_lostpassword_url( home_url() ) );


    echo esc_url( wp_lostpassword_url() );

    to get rid of the redirect parameter. Nevertheless I’d try to fix the error because it probably affects other plugins/code parts which use the redirection function too.


    hi dude

    you said:

    “Nevertheless I’d try to fix the error because it probably affects other plugins/code parts which use the redirection function too.”

    meaning this is not the best way to resolve current error ? And that this error should be fixed in a better way using other method?



    Yes, because the change above will not solve the redirection/server configuration issue – it just removes the redirection parameter from the link. It’s like medicating the symptom(s) instead of the disease…

    Best regards,



    ok thxs dude

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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