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    I saw on Themeforest that kriesi is probabli the most talentous person in skinnkng wordpress.

    I need a help, for a theme that I would buy, with some extra (fee and ) feature. My site is: discusclub(dot)net and I’m actually with a nice theme, a magazine style one.

    You may see that the heder takes it’s code from the forums (/forum) style, and I should have the entire loop of code to make it work on any theme, even if I’m not clever.

    My demand is: can I have a suggestion about the theme:

    close to a magazine style one, but clearer like your designs

    with a slider system that takes the pictures from a category to choose (I would avoid manual pictures upload)

    With timthumbs (so the all thumbnails are right now ready)

    with the modifications of the header (wih a paid extra fee)

    Is it too much? :-)

    Newcast is nice


    You can use Habitat (newest theme), Newscast or Avisio. They will fit your needs. You need to do some customizations though (image implementation, menu styling, overall styling, etc.)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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