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    I’m trying to recreate the same layout as the example Frontpage, but for some reason the logos that I’m adding to my logo/partner list are not displaying. I have changed the title – which appears fine, I add the logos and URLS, and save – I get the OK message but the Frontpage doesn’t diplay the images. I can’t work out what I’m doing wrong.

    If I close the Element tab and go back to it later (even after saving) I get a movie reel image and not my uploaded logos. Help!


    Having the same issue…


    Logos do show up – if i put setting ‘Image hovers effects’ on ‘None’

    Apparently the ‘Greyscale’ option is not working in my case.

    Any ideas why. Have the same issue in Portfolio when i enable greyscale overlay.


    Meadhurst: are you inserting the logo with a click on the “Use as logo” button once they are uploaded?

    Also would you guys mind posting links to your site so we can take a look?


    Hi, here’s a link to the frontage with the logos at the bottom:

    I disabled the greyscale effect (otherwise the logos don’t show).

    Thanks for having a look.


    Hi wgijbels,

    I can’t quite figure out what could be causing that to happen just looking at the front page as is. I did notice you seem to have three of the partner lists included but only one of them has an image. Were you planning to add in more images or are they included in your dynamic template and not showing on the page?




    i get the same behaviour, no partner links no matter what settings.


    Hey radugidei,

    Do you have a link so that I can see the issue live?




    How can I set the logo links to open in a New window? Kinda seems logical to me to open them in a new window? Can that be added in a future update?


    Hi xorred,

    I’ll send this to Kriesi as a feature request for a future update :)

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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