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    Hi, how can I change the name of the Logo/ Partner List and the displayed number of Logos?

    Thanks, ReiniF


    Hi ReiniF,

    You can modify those settings in the Template Builder template you are using to display the page (most likely Frontpage template).


    Hi Devin, thanks I know that site but there I can only change the logos and the links. Not the number of displayed partner links (I only want 4) and not the name “Partner” that appears on the start site. I think I must modify this in the theme .php files?

    And there I am not very comfortable…



    Sorry Devin I found out the Partner is in a Heading+Subtitle entry, I could solve this. Now I only have to change the number of displayed logos from 5 to 4. At the moment I leave one blank, but then I can not work with the grayscale overlay, this causes streched previews.

    Thx, ReiniF


    Everything is working now, after new uploading the Logos it works 4 Logos with greylayers. Thanks for help!!!


    Hi ReiniF,

    I’m glad its all fixed up now. Let us know if you have any other issues :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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