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    Hi, I’, wanting to add 7 or 9 logos in one row using the front page builder – at the moment there is only facility within the theme to add 5.
    Can anyone point me to more information for this? Thanks



    Can you post the link to your website please?



    Hi Josue, thanks for your reply.
    The home page is disabled as we’re hiding it with an index.html page for now.
    I can send you the login if you like.
    The main problem being that odd numbers over 5 for this logo panel are not so goos as obviously we want even rows.


    Hi Josue,
    just wondering if the problem is clearly explained enough.
    The theme seems to only support 5 logos at one time in a strip, yes, I could have 2 rows of 5 if there were 10 logos to place in for this particular site, though there is 9 and a strip of 4 and 5 is not going to look good so what i’m asking is: can we have a strip of logos that have 9 in one strip?
    Please let me know if theres come custom CSS that I could use for this?

    Thanks, Luke


    Hi Luke!

    I found a solution but i’d require a deep customization, you’ll need to edit this three files (this will allow you to have up to 9 logos in a row):

    css/grid.css (line 271):

    div .one_ninth      { overflow: hidden; z-index:1; float:left; width:11.11%; position:relative; }
    div .one_eighth     { overflow: hidden; z-index:1; float:left; width:12.5%; position:relative; }
    div .one_seventh    { overflow: hidden; z-index:1; float:left; width:14.28%; position:relative; }
    div .one_sixth      { overflow: hidden; z-index:1; float:left;  width:16.6%; position:relative; }

    includes/helper-template-dynamic.php (line 403):

    			case 1: $width_class = "one_half";	 break;
    			case 2: $width_class = "one_half";	 break;
    			case 3: $width_class = "one_third";	 break;
    			case 4: $width_class = "one_fourth"; break;
    			case 5: $width_class = "one_fifth";	 break;
    			case 6: $width_class = "one_sixth";	 break;
    			case 7: $width_class = "one_seventh";break;
    			case 8: $width_class = "one_eighth"; break;
    			case 9: $width_class = "one_ninth";	 break;

    includes/admin/register-admin-dynamic-options.php (line 556):

    for ($i = 1; $i <= 9; $i++)

    After editing you’ll need to re-create the ‘Logo/Partner List’ element.

    Best regards,


    Thanks Josue, have applied the CSS,
    You’re brilliant!
    Cheers. Luke

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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