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    Hi There, please help me on my cubit logo area. I Have moved and edited the code for my logo. It works fine on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, But on Internet Explorer its messed up, PLEASE help.




    seems the logo is fine, just the menu doesnt position correctly. you can try to solve this by adding conditional comments to the head section of the header.php file:

    <!–[if IE]>

    <style type=”text/css”>

    body #top #nav{top: 100px;}



    modify the value until the menu fits :)


    Thats Great, on the front page. but now on the other page’s its messed up.



    hm, you could try something like this, so it only affects the front page:

    <!--[if IE]>
    <style type="text/css">
    #frontpage #top #nav{top: 100px;}




    OK has helped but still over the logo. Please have a look. thanx


    On the others pages. Why is IE9 different?


    Please i need support, this site is busy, also getting an error message from firebug. Please help


    I am getting a Uncaught Syntax error, unrecognized expression: “ID”:”503″ error


    Hi levipage,

    I’m not getting an error in Firebug so I’m not sure where that is coming from.

    As for the navigation overlap, did you change anything else besides adding the conditional statement Kriesi provided? The second one should only effect the front page and then the other pages would go back to how they were before adding anything.




    Hi Devin, hope you can help me. All that was charged was the spacing for the logo, can i have your email so i can send you details?


    This was changed in style.css


    margin-top: 40px;







    #logo a{

    margin-top: -10px;








    The error is on this page, my plugin is not working on this page and the developer of the plugin says its the theme.


    If we can chat now, it will be a great help as where i live its late at night


    Hi levipage,

    Try adding the following to your conditional IE rule:

    #head{background-position-y: 134px;}
    #top #nav{top:114px;}
    .breadcrumb{top: 155px;}

    I just went through and adjusted the elements for IE, I’m not sure what change was made that caused the pages other than home to suddenly not appear correctly but that should fix it.

    I don’t know what the javascript error is in relation to, if everything still works I would say ignore it.




    You are a Star, that has fixed the problem with IE. I cant just leave the error as my Plugin is not functioning properly. This page come up with the map but not the locations. They Say its an error with the Site theme. Any idea’s? PLEASE


    Devin you there?


    Hi levipage,

    I’ve taken another look but it looks like you might have taken the map plugin off the site for now. If you would like us to take one more look and put the plugin on a temporary page we can attempt to figure out what is causing the conflict. No promises, but I know how it is to have everything almost perfect except for one last little detail :)




    Hi Devin thank you so much. i have set up this page. Many thanx



    I think the plugin works but it loads really (really, really) slow. If I wait around 30-60 seconds the map appears. I couldn’t find any css or js conflicts/error.

    Best regards,


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