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    Hi, I’ve spent hours on several occasions trying to upload images into the footer logo section. As I realized you have to save at every step along the way I’ve spent ages doing it. I go in Footer option – upload – upload from computer – save option – then come out & save all options again. Then go back into gallery & open the image & then save it again. THen close the window & save it again. THis is the only way the images will appear in the gallery on the footer options page. I’ve tried it in bulk or individually

    However, once I’ve done all that & saved everything a million times I go back onto the site & homepage & there’s only 2 images there that I saved ages ago & have been unable to cancel. WHen I go back to the footer logo for the 100th time all the images I’d saved for the gallery have disappeared & haven’t been saved, & so I have to start from the beginning.

    If this was just once then I would think it was me that was the problem, how I’ve gone through this process, each time spending about 10 minutes to upload 5 images & saving everything over & over, but they don’t save & don’t show on the site. If they save it’s just one or 2, but not the rest & they will be there permanently. Does anyone have any idea why??? Is it possible that with all the saving I’m doing there is still a pass I haven’t done.

    Please help with this because I’ve wasted a lot of time here & started to wonder if this works at all?? I have set the columns to 5 & make all the other adjustments.

    I love this theme, I think it’s amazingly practical, but if I could just hear from someone on how to do this & change the menu font sizes & content background so I can get started I would be very grateful. I’ve never heard back from anyone on this forum or from the pre-sales on Themeforest. I would love to hear from someone to be sure that you really do exist??




    Please create me an admin account and send the login data to: (Email address hidden if logged out)



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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