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    yes, open up your header.php and find

    echo avia_logo(AVIA_BASE_URL.'images/layout/logo.png');

    replace it by

    echo "<h1>Logo</h1>";


    I’m brandnew to this, how do I replace the abundance logo with my own



    you can upload your own logo. Go to Abundance > Theme Options and upload your logo there (“Logo” option).


    Thanks Chris! I expected something like this, but let me make a proposal. How about using the form field in the settings to insert a page title or (like now) the image link. This might improve the already great backend. Falling back to the Angular default logo, if nothing is selected, would surely never get used by anyone. ;-)


    Changing the header.php would mean that on a theme update all the changes will be lost. Is there a way to do a child theme with such changes please?


    I’ve implemented the approach editing the header however when I include a hyperlink, it breaks the site and end-user pages do not load.

    I used :

    echo "<a href=''>Name of my Site</a>";

    Can anyone advise why this would cause a fatal error and how to correct?



    1) I’m not sure if this can be done with child themes but I don’t think so. You can try to place a modified header.php in the child theme folder.

    2) You need to replace following code with your link/text:

    echo avia_logo(AVIA_BASE_URL.'images/layout/logo.png');

    – the code JedE posted seems to be correct.



    Would it possible to use a custom Google font for the Logo as text?

    Many Thanks,


    2 weeks without a response. Seriously, support here has been REALLY lacking recently!!



    yes, some posts were missed. You seem like a frequent requester (30 topics). Have you checked the advanced search option? If a post isn’t replied to within two to three days you can always reply to the same topic again to make sure it doesn’t get lost.

    You can use FireBug for FireFox or Google Chrome to right click an element and inspect it. This will tell you which class the element has. In this case, “h1 .logo”. Then, there’s (Purchase code hidden if logged out) ” class=”bbcode_url”>this topic which tells you how to add the styling, except you’ll have to change the #top .main… mentioned in there with “h1 .logo”. Then – you have to include the code given to you by google when selecting your font here. This goes in the header.php file anywhere between the opening and closing of the head tag.

    I hope this helps :)

    Let us know if it works.



    Thanks for your response. Yes I have used the advanced search option, it is a very useful tool and I find a lot of answers through it.

    I guess I am a frequent requester, but until I can make the desired tweaks to the site I am unable to put mine or my clients name to it. It has to be right, I am sure you understand this. Until then, this is where I will come for support :)

    It is all very nit picky, but as I work in a visual based industry it is justified.

    Most tweaks / changes are only simple things anyway, just not for me as I am no developer.

    Thank you for all your help so far.


    > Would it possible to use a custom Google font for the Logo as text?

    Basically yes – you’d need to wrap your logo text into a span/div with a custom class. Then use the font-family attribute: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) / to apply your custom font.


    Thanks for the answers. Great stuff!

    So say for example I wanted to use the google font that comes with Angular “Questrial”

    What would i need to do to implement that?

    Sorry to come back, I am just a little unsure of how to properly implement this change.

    Many Thanks,

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