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    Almost finished everything.

    I am trying to put a new logo on now.

    Whenever I put the logo on it seems to put the whole page on which the logo is on the website taking up a huge white portion on the page.

    I reckon I am making an elementary mistake but I do not know what it is. I have jpeg and ai files and changed the one I tried to png.

    Any suggestions or further reading.



    What size is your logo? Have you tried to resize your logo? I know on the demo the logo is 172×100. Perhaps resizing the logo to that size or no more than 172 pixels wide would solve the issue?




    Yes I have tried that. But what seem to happen is the logo is then very small. I get the impression that I am placing the whole sheet of paper on the website as opposed to the logo alone (which is in the centre of a white sheet.



    Can you post a link to your logo image please. Obviously we need to see it first hand :)




    that is it. I am reluctant to put it on the website because then the site is all messed up for a while.

    Let me know if there is anything else you need.



    I can’t see the image. I get an error about hotlinking not being allowed. Anyway you can upload to a different site?




    OK. I have created a link on the homepage. In the first word “IPIA” you will see it is highlighted. That should open the logo.



    You have a very large image, you need delete the whole white canvas and leave the logo itself. Suggested image height is 100px.




    Thanks Ismael. This has been a stumbling block for me for a long time (getting a logo correct). I guess it is not your remit but is it possible that you direct me something to read so I can study how to “delete the whole canvas”. I know this is elementary but I have been trying to find the answer for a day and I just don’t know how to do it.


    cpwilson, please e-mail me your logo to: ncux at ncux dot nl

    It’s a 30 secs fix, it’d be quicker to do it like that than to bother with learning from the start :)

    On the other hand, if you WANT to invest time in the learning process – it’s a different story entirely :)



    @ncux: Thanks for the help. :)

    @cpwilson2: What I mean is to use Photoshop or any image editor so that you can delete the white area around the logo and leave the logo itself before uploading. You also need to decrease the size of the image. :)




    Thanks both of you. Ncux I really appreciate your offer. I will try to figure it out first because I have this issue for a while and it will probably happen again. If I just can’t do it or lose patience I will certainly take you up on your kindness.



    Great – just ask if you need help.




    thanks for everything. I have made some progress that I am not finished with. It looks a little dull to me, but for now this has tired me out but I learnt something. I did it all in illustrator but I need to learn photoshop perhaps. Thanks again for the offer NCUX.

    Any comments on the quality of the progress appreciated.


    Looks nice, CP :)

    Good luck!


    Hi ncux,

    Thanks for helping out. :)



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