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    Does login form available? Or there just design and i need create functional for login myself?



    You can add the Woocommerce login widget on your sidebar. Go to Appearance > Widgets and add it.




    I’m planing to using your theme(i still not bought it yet), just trying to understand what i can to do with it. I’m planing to create not shop. It will be free .org resources. And there will be available free products for download. But only registered users will be able to download product. So what do you think? Is it possible to do it? Or can i use your theme for it(i mean how difficult will be to make changes.)?




    You can use Replete for your website in this case. However you probably want to install membership plugins like: to handle the user registration + content restriction. WooCommerce itself is not required in your case.




    Thanks Dude! By the way it is possible to add some plugin or something else, which you show on site how much downloads was done?



    You can try:

    Best regards,



    Thank you.

    I bought the theme. Could you please tell me how i can create a something like shop on your example? Because after import i dont see shop yet.


    Hi sergeylandar,

    Inside your WP Dashboard, open Pages > Shop. If you can’t find it, download and activate Woocommerce, a button will appear on the top of the Dashboard telling you to install pages.




    Thanks, added. But after adding a s2member i can not login to wp admin. Could you help please?


    Hi sergeylandar,

    Can you post a link to your site? so we can check it further. Are there any other things you have added before you can’t login?




    Is it possible to make something like? :


    Shop Category 1: 1Page1 | 1Page2 | 1Page3

    Shop Category 2: 2Page1 | 2Page2 | 2Page3


    FreeShop Category :

    FreeShop Category 3: 3Page1 | 3Page2 | 3Page3

    FreeShop Category 4: 4Page1 | 4Page2 | 4Page3

    In ‘Shop’ will be ‘buy’ button like you have on your existing example

    In ‘FreeShop’ will be ‘download’ button.

    Sure users must be loged it before they will be available to buy or to download.


    Hi sergeylandar,

    There seems to be no error on the page. Can you login to your site now?

    I think what you want is possible by proper grouping of your category and proper use of woocommerce shortcodes:

    I think you can have 2 shop categories. On the shop page you use the Products by category shortcode and show only products in shop category. And create another page and name it Free Shop and use the same shortcode but this time you show only products in the free shop category. Hope this helps. :)




    Thanks, now all working and i can login.

    I added FreeShop page , but how i can add products there with download button?


    Hi sergeylandar,

    It depends upon the product type that you set. Check the woocommerce documentation or you can check this link:




    Yes, i’m looking to this info. And i added some products. But looks like all my products i can add just for one page. I still can not find where i can change page where product will appear.

    I see and clear all field for product what i need to add like price, name description, category etc. But i dont see how move this product (or how to appear this product) to some other page. For example to page ‘FreeShop’.


    Hi sergeylandar,

    For the Free Shop page you can put this shortcode on the content editor:

    [product_category category=”free-products” per_page=”12″ columns=”4″ orderby=”date” order=”desc”]

    As you can see I have a category named Free Products (and the slug is free-products) and this is shown on my Free Products Page. You can check the slug of your category in Woocommerce > Categories and on the table(list) find the Slug column.

    The shortcode above will just show the thumbnail and name of the products under the Free products category, just like the shop page. :)




    Yes, its working, thank you. By the way i find one more way how to do it. In ‘Replete Template Builder’ i created template and added there shop. And then implemented this template to page using ‘Layouts’ on the right botto area. What the right way to add shop? Like you told or like i find? Thanks.

    One more question. For example i created free product (Simple Product). But now there ‘Buy’ button. How i change this buy button to ‘Download’ and adde link to .zip file?



    Hi sergeylandar,

    As far as I know, it will need to stay “Buy” but just have no price. There may be an extension available for creating “free” products but I’m not aware of it.

    To make it available as a download, you just need to set it up as a downloadable product. See:




    Devin, thank you for info. I want to choose product > see product picture, description and download button. And after click to Download i want to download. But all looks like shopping process just price is $0 and in the end of payment user will be able to download. You know this scheme looks good for purchase not for free product.

    Do you know any way how to change it?

    By the way how to add image to ‘featured image’ block? So i want to see image preview on the page.


    The only way around going through the whole “purchase” process is to just offer the download as a link in the product description.

    To add an image to your featured media area, you just need to select the green button labeled “Add image to slideshow” then uploading using the pop up.




    Thanks, Devin! Added image all ok. <<< right now on that page i have title ‘Shop’. How i can change this title to ‘Free Css Templates’?(i need title like ‘product category’)

    You are here:Home»Shop» Free Css Templates << looks like all product which i creating going to ‘Shop’. Is it possible to move some products to ‘Free Templates’ and some products to ‘Premium Templates’?

    so in the end i want have something like:

    You are here:Home»Free Templates» Free Css Templates

    You are here:Home»Premium Templates» Css Templates



    I believe you need to go to the page labeled Shop in your pages and then just re-name it.

    As for the breadcrumbs, I don’t think so in the way that you are thinking. You could make your main “Shop” page be named “CSS Templates” then have 2 main categories for Free and Premium. Then the breadcrumbs would go Home>CSS Templates>Free .




    I changed page Shop to Templates, But now there not templates inside. But if i change templates to shop in url like i see all templates inside page. How i can add templates thumbs to ‘Templates’ page? And how my site know about ‘Shop’ page and how there appear templates inside?



    I don’t understand what you mean.

    The way it works is WooCommerce has settings that determine which page is the catalog and other woo commerce functions. Those pages are then populated by the WooCommerce content.

    I don’t know what you mean by template thumbs.



    For example i want to open Free Templates page.

    I go to

    Click to ‘Free Templates’ on the main menu and go to

    Inside this page i see all type of templates like: ‘Free Responsive Templates’ , ‘ Free Css Templates’ . Why?, because i added this 2 categories inside this product. (I made it iside Replete Template Builder, i created special template for it and call like ‘Free Templates’.)

    But structure for looks not logical because after click to ‘Free Templates’ on main menu on my bread crumbs i see ‘Free Css Templates’ (because this is the first category inside Product inside Replete Template Builder).

    So how to do it more logical? I mean bread crumbs + titles + main menu.



    I see what you mean now though I’m not sure how you could go about modifying the breadcrumbs in this instance since it goes by the actual hierarchy of pages and not the menu set up.

    I’ll tag the rest of the support crew to see if anyone has any ideas.




    Is it possible to shut off all bread crumbs? If yes, how i can do it?


    Hi sergeylandar,

    Try to add this code in Quick CSS or custom.css:

    .container.bc-container {
    display: none;


    .container.bc-container {
    display: none !important;

    Hope this helps. :)





    If having a logical style is important for you, then you should either

    a) start with root folder /free/ and have children /css-templates/ , /html-templates/

    b) start with root folder /free-templates/ and have children /css/ , /html/

    c) start with root folder /css/ or /html/ and have children /free-templated/ , /premium-templates/

    I personally think option-B makes the most sense.

    I made a quick video to show you some other things you can do with Replete Theme : connecting portfolios to shop pages and to regular pages. Can make some cool stuff, since the functionality of the shop alone is a bit boring. Here can spice things up by having sortable portfolio of your shop items based on whichever categories you think of that don’t exist within the shop itself. Much better way to increase sales since you can group them by expert recommendation, or templates that Rembrandt or van Gough would have used.. there is a lot of opportunity to do something different with this functionality to really stand out in the eyes of the visitors.



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