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    I’ve used Flashlight to develop a website on a commercial server at http://the1500hoa.fatcow.com. I’m trying to clone the site on my notebook using WAMP. My desired goal is to use Dreamweaver to continue developing and testing the site locally and periodically update the remote “live” site.

    I have copied the files. I have exported, then imported the database using phpMyAdmin. I have verified the .htaccess file. I have updated the wp-config.php file. I have updated the wp-options table in the database (siteurl, home). I can access the local site via the admin panel. The localhost URL does bring up the home page along with the default background image gallery, the menu, etc. However, I cannot bring up any of the pages, either via the menu or from the pages tab in admin “Not Found”.

    Can you suggest some areas to look into in order to resolve this problem?

    Is it realistic/practical to pursue the workflow I have targeted, i.e., Dreamweaver local&remote sites?



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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