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    Hi, how are you?

    I made my website with your awsome theme : flashlight on

    My plug-in in my 3.5.1 wordpress are :

    – Social Slider by ARScode (you can’t help me with that, I know)

    – Jetpack par (only share, short links, announce, Jetpack comments, Contact Form, improved distribution are enabled)

    – Google XML Sitemaps

    – All in One SEO Pack

    – All in one Favicon

    – Akismet

    – wp super-cache (currently off for optimization)

    I manage optimization by .htaccess but now, i’m focusing on code optimization and page loading. To mesure the performance i use GTMetric : (home page) (an article) (a portfolio) (a static page)

    I know that there is things i can’t improve such as : Leverage browser caching on and

    And i also know that the grade doesn’t mean your site is perfect, but i want to optimize the maximum i can…

    As you could have notice there are difference on page load between a portfolio page, an article and my home page.

    I would know if :

    – it’s possible to avoid the load of the woocommerce js? because i don’t use it…

    – Can i use CSS sprites? and how?

    – Can i minimize the js and the css? Without crashing anything?

    – How can i improve Remove unused CSS and Use efficient CSS selectors?

    Thank’s for you’re answers.




    1) Yes, open up functions.php and delete following line:

    require_once( 'woocommerce-config/config.php' );

    2) Tbh this is not easily possible.

    3) I use W3TC on my website: and it does a good job. It offers a database & object cache feature, a “compress” file feature and a browser cache feature.

    4) Tbh that’s not easily possible too. However w3tc will compress the css files and it will save you a lot of data traffic. Efficient selectors would not reduce the css file size dramatically (probably just 5-10kb).


    Hi, thank you for you quick answer.

    1- for woocommerce i add // before require_once( ‘woocommerce-config/config.php’ ); in functions.php and it’s actually decrease my score… Should I remove it or just let the // ?

    2- That’s what i thought about CSS sprites, if i’m right, i have to navigate throught the different plug-in code and call my css sprites every time the plug-in call the pictures? = I WON’T DO IT, I don’t have time to do this…

    3- I know that minimize css and js will only gain a few kb on load, but if i can why would i not take advandtage of it?

    4- I use wp super cache because it’s easy to use… But if you tell me that W3TC is better and you will help to configure it, i’ll desintall wp super cache right away and follow your instructions about W3TC… I think it would be a pen in the ass to remove the different unuse code in the css and every time you gave me an advice it’s very usefull, so point for you, lead me…

    5- I ask to jetpack and ars social slider about remove query strings from static resources for their plug-ins, they told me that i have to manage with : (Purchase code hidden if logged out) / . I know, because i look at the code that flashlight interract with this two php funtions : wp_enqueue_style / wp_enqueue_script. Before i made anything wrong i would ask how i could do?

    I can’t help thinking that the fifty box i paid for you theme was the best buy i ever made because of your support… Keep going, YOU ROCK!!!!


    Hi Anderson69s,

    1 – Your choice. Not sure why it would make it worse but you can just remove it if you want.

    2 – You would need to combine all images used by the css/site into a single image. Then re-do all the css to grab the location on that one single image. This isn’t for pictures or anything, just icons,lines etc.

    3+4 – Using that plugin will do exactly that and as Dude said, he uses it on his own site. None of us are really able to walk you through setting up a plugin however.

    5 – I wouldn’t suggest doing that at all. I can’t say if it will or will not have a major impact on speed but it doesn’t seem worthwhile.




    1 – Thank’s i will try to remove it and make the test again to compare.

    2 – So it’ possible but i will lose time to do it because i have to grab and remplace all icon… in all different css and remplace them with my css sprites…

    3 + 4 – I understand you can’t setting up a plug-in with me. Do you have a good documented link to help me with the configuration of W3TC?

    5 – It’s only to improve the page load, without wp super cache enable my loading time is about 5 or 6 seconds for 350kb and 38 http request. I think it’s bite long…. With wp super cache enabled, my loading time is 3 or 4 seconds for same size and http request. Remove the query strings from static resources will dicrease this time because js lock the download of the others elements of my web page no?

    Thank’s for you’re help


    For w3 the best place to looks the installation page:

    Though looking at it right now, it has a high report of being broken so I would say don’t use it at all until it gets updated.

    5 – You would still be pulling each file they just wouldn’t have the version string. The issue comes if a script gets updated and the browser for a user has it cached. Either way, you would just search the theme files for all instances of wp_enqueue_style and wp_enqueue_script and then change the version parameter to null (taken from your link).




    Thank’s for all your answers,

    I will try W3TC when an update will be released…

    Looks like i already did all i can do to improve my loading time after it will be a waste of time…



    I’ll close this thread now.



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