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    first of all wonderful Template you created here. I really love it. Here’s my question:

    Im using your ‘Expose Gallery Template – 3 in 1’ Template and my question reefers to the html/index.html page in the template where in the default layout, all Images are displayed 3 in a row (see for an image here: I have noticed, that all images are loaded at once, and then displayed (Load image 1, load image 2, … display image 1, display image 2, …). Now there are some cases (in my application) where I need to display a few hundred image on a site at once and I need to do some preprocessing to generate the images. This preprocessing is done on an iPhone and so may take a few tens seconds. So all images are generated one by one and then displayed to the user. I was wondering if it is possible to load image 1, then display image 1, load image 2, display image 2, and so one…

    That way, the user would see some progress while the images are loaded.

    I’m sorry but I suck at JavaScript/ HTML and could really need your help. Thanks for your help :)



    if you change line 214 in custom.js from

    itemContainer.kriesi_image_preloader({delay:100, callback:itemContainer.methods.preloadingDone});


    itemContainer.kriesi_image_preloader({delay:0, callback:itemContainer.methods.preloadingDone});

    the images will appear once they are loaded (but in no particular order)


    wow. this is exactly what i needed. thank you so much :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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