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    I attach you a video of the problem, taken from the flashlight template. I’ve the same problem with my flashlight website. Can you tell me something about it?


    I tested with last release of firefox, safari and chrome on a mac and last version of chrome on win7. It seems that if you scroll the page when the background slideshow is in play mode the sidebar with the main menu notice this bug. If you scroll during an odd image everithing works well, but when you do it during an even image it bugs.

    It is a simple way to fix it? If it is difficult…there’s a method to enable the slideshow/presentation mode only when content are hidden?



    I reported it to Kriesi.


    Thank you Dude :)


    Problem already mentioned here (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -background but no solution ’til now.


    any news?



    Kriesi didn’t report back yet.


    hey dude,

    i’ve the same problem – is pretty urgent.

    problem seems to occur, when the content is higher than the screen. so if you scroll down to the bottom, the menu-sidebar jumps up every other image (when transitioning in the background gallery), like giaquinta mentioned.

    what to do?!?!



    Thanks for posting this OP. I just noticed this same behavior me for a few days ago.


    Think I came across a similar problem when I was changing the appearance of my sidebar. I found it was a problem with the style .sidebar{height:100%}

    As soon as I added a fixed height or removed the height completely the sidebar stopped disappearing

    I had to change the position from fixed to absolute so I could scroll down the sidebar, but you shouldn’t need to make this change unless you have lots of links.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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