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    This is my problem:


    The lines of the lists are under the featured image in single post.

    Is there any possible solution?

    I appreciate your help


    Hi bertolionline,

    Can you send a link to the webpage so we can do some testing?





    Thanks for your quick response

    To access the site you must login or you will be redirected to another url

    user: Kriesi

    pass: 12345

    The url of the screenshot is this:

    Another problem I’ve found is that the h2 not float to the left, is there any way to fix this?

    Thanks in advance for any help



    You’re welcome. The h2 appears to be a part of a LI (list item) which I’m assuming is why it isn’t floating. Try moving the h2 on its own line and see if that corrects the issue. You may have to use the HTML view in order to do this.

    As far as the floating image and list, my first thought is that the issue is the result of how the list is formatted in the WYSIWYG editor.

    Does this occur every time you try to use a featured image with a list?




    Thanks for your response Mya,

    I made some tests:


    If you need better access, give me your email and send you a user with editing capability

    [/i]Sorry my English is a translator and I imagine that is horrible …[/i]

    Thank you very much for your help



    I tested the theme with a clean install of WordPress and the problem persists.

    Any suggestions to fix the problem that I expose?


    Hello, hello … someone here?

    Someone could support me please?

    Thank you!


    Hi bertolionline,

    I think is the result of the combination of floating the featured image (done by the theme) and the way lists and other elements are styled by the theme style. If you need to have a list at the very top of a post, you’ll need to add a new class to the items or a container so that they “float” too.

    I’m not sure of any other css tricks when dealing with floating elements on the same line just because the essence of what a float does. It looks like you might have come to the same conclusion as the original link has a new gallery item at the top instead of the featured image.

    For other pages, it will probably be easiest to have no featured image within the post and then style the post purely in the visual editor,




    Thanks for your help, I made a few changes that apparently are more suited to my client.

    I send a cordial greeting.


    Glad you were able to find a work around :)

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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