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    How do you list all posts in a category on a page?

    I do NOT want the entire post to show in a list – as there are literally hundreds of posts on the site. There appears to be no way to simply list all the posts from one category.

    Please advise and thanks so much!



    You can do that via Template Builder. Create a new template then insert the Blog element, select the category you want to show. Apply the template on one of your pages.




    I did that – but it does not LIST the post titles – it shows all the CONTENT in each post listed. I just want the TITLES of the posts in a category.



    You can use plugins like: which allow you to embed the post list with a shortcode.




    Unfortunately this will not solve the problem of users clicking the breadcrumb and seeing all the posts listed with all the content that scrolls to China! LOL

    Can you tell me how to REMOVE THE CONTENT from all the category lists of posts please?

    I only want the TITLE and IMAGE to show in all category lists, archive lists, etc. Never the content.


    Hi emgproductions,

    The posts use the more tag to tell archive pages and blog overview pages where to cut off the content and show only a preview of the post.


    Additionally, you can control how many posts are viewed on overview pages (like the archive) in the wordpress options. Go to Settings>Reading then “Blog pages show at most” and select the number of posts for overview type pages.

    Even if you change the_content to the_excerpt in the loop-archive.php page of the theme files, it will still be putting out the content unbroken. Since the post titles are output within the elements of the post content, there isn’t a way that I know of to simple remove the content without also removing the post title in this situation.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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