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    I’m fetching a feed into wordpress from a page I’ve created. The images that are fetched have no file extension and look something like the following:

    img src=””

    I’ve looked at all kinds of solutions to display these images within the site using the newscast theme, but can’t solve it. I use wpematico which fetches the feed, and has a regex option. Didn’t know if I ran regex and added a file extension whether the image would then display.

    Please see the following page as an example of what’s happening: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

    In these forums, if I use the above img code you’ll see it displays the image correctly, see below.



    you can use these images inside the content but you can’t use them as featured images (slider images, article preview images) because afaik wordpress doesn’t allow external resources here. If you’d like to use regex, etc. in posts/pages you need to use a plugin like:



    Thanks for the reply, I’m not seeing the images inside the content though, that’s the problem. When I click on the articles with the external images, they’re not showing in the posts. Can you think of a solution? I think regex is a no go, as it would only allow renaming of the source image to add a file extension.

    Please help.


    Ignore the above, after some checking it seems that some external images show as part of the post, but others do not. There’s no difference in the post content in relation to the code for the image. Yet some show but others aren’t?


    Can you post links to sample pages (works vs doesn’t work)?


    I’ve done some more experimenting, and now I can get the images to show in the posts (by using a different syndicator) but the widget I have on the front page that grabs the first image has now stopped working. It worked before I used the different syndicator, so there must be something within the post, or with the way the theme handles images that’s causing the problem.


    Further note, it must be the way the theme handles featured images that’s causing the problem, as the widget either grabs the image from the post (which it used to) or the featured image. It’s grabbing neither now. So frustrating as the post images now work, but the widget doesn’t. Can I email you with a login please to take a look?


    I’ve emailed via codecanyon, but my conclusion is this. When I swap themes to a simple one I designed with artisteer, the problems go away. The thumbnailing on the front page and in articles works. The youtube plugin that I have works correctly by showing the thumbnails. I switch back to newscast and they stop working, so something is clearly wrong. Also I use Tubepress and some pages work, and others don’t, which after endless reading refers to java conflict issues. Again they work if I switch themes back.

    Could someone please take a look at this theme, it’s at the latest version.



    Excuse me for the delay.

    Have you tried disabling your plugins one by one rather than the theme itself?

    Before we get to mailing user details could you link to your site as Dude asked earlier? Thanks :)

    If the first doesn’t work and the second isn’t possible you can mail to (Email address hidden if logged out)



    The website is and I’ve already tried disabling plugins to check for compatibility issues, and as mentioned when I switched themes with all plugins enabled, the problems went away, so it must be a problem with the newscast theme itself. I’ve emailed the supplied address, thanks for that.


    Try to add following code to style.css:

    .js_active #main img {
    display: inline !important;


    Thanks, I think that’s fixed it. Will do some more testing.


    Glad that I could help you :)

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