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    Hi there,

    I have created a 3 column element in the template builder which works really well.
    However as the layout of the home page need to be changed I re ordered the elements by dragging and dropping and when I moved my 3 col to it’s new position the Title and read more links no longer work.

    You can see my homepage on my dev server here –

    The three column element I am referring to is directly under a title the says “How can we help” and has Consultation, Implementation, and Delivery as the headings

    I have another 3 col element down the page where the links work fine.

    Strangely if I move my problem 3 col further down the page under the portfolio the links work???

    Any help with this issue would be great.





    I have also tried positioning the column element before I choose the “Page:” which did not help.



    You are currently using Angular version 1.6.5. For WordPress 3.6+ compability, you need to update it to 1.7. Please update it first then let us know if issue remains
    For a quick guide on updating your theme take a look at this video on updating the theme via FTP:



    Hi Yigit,

    I finally got brave and updated to V1.7 – thanks for the handy video, made things much easier. However I still have the issues with the top 3 column element as described above.

    Your help would be much appreciated.




    Hey Yigit,

    It appears the latest tweets widget has disappeared from the Available widgets area.

    Can you also help with that please.



    Sorry I didn’t read the update docs carefully, I see you have now added support for twitter widget pro.



    Hey Yigit, I seemed to have solved the issue with my 3 col links not working.

    It appears that if I use a Text Area/ Callout / Quote element and the text styling is set to “callout style” it will stop the links in the following col element from working. Paragraph style seems to work OK.

    Unfortunately this fault in the template builder has cost me lots of time, I hope this post helps someone else having this problem.

    Hopefully this is something that can be fixed and added to your next update.

    Thanks anyway.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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