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    I’m using Newscast for I modified the header.php, so I can show ads via OpenX Ad server. Everything shows up ok, there is just one problem. If the banner is in swf and has it’s own link, the link is working fine, but if I use gif or jpg images with links, the link is not working. Any idea what could cause the problem?

    <script type='text/javascript'><!--// <![CDATA[
    // ]]> --></script><noscript><a href=''><img alt='' src=' (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -link' /></a></noscript>


    I cleaned up this thread a bit. You can put code in between backtick ( ` ) characters.

    I think there are two possibilities why it doesn’t work:

    1) You have a javascript error/conflict or whatever which causes an image loading problem.

    2) You wrote your image link into a <noscript> tag – so if you’ve activate javascript, you won’t see the link and the image.



    thanks for the reply. Images are loading just fine. The code is provided by the OpenX system, where all my ads are uploaded and managed. The problem is only, that banners in the header of my page don’t have working links. I use the same code on different positions (see and everywhere else everything is working fine. The problem is only with banners in header (728×90 px).


    I don’t know what causes the problem. Maybe contact the ad service. It seems to be a javascript conflict.




    I’m having the same problem but with Google Ads.

    The link(s) in the header ad does not work in Firefox/Chrome. But works in Internet Explorer 9!

    What are you doing in IE9 with CSS that you are not doing in Firefox/Chrome?



    You are not using jquery made for wordpress which is up to 1.72 while you are using 1.82 from the cdn which is not recommended. Though I don’t see the problems you are describing. I was able to click on your top banner. in IE and Chrome.Try deactivating the social plugin for a moment and see if it makes any difference for you.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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