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    My client wanted me to hide the forums temporarily so I removed it from the main menu. The question is how do I add it back?

    (I have been working on the forums page for the site by typing in but now I want to add it back to the menu but there in Appearance>Menus, there is no PAGE called ‘forums’ to select and nothing is displayed in the tab ‘Forums’ either…..)

    Also I’d like to be able to edit the forums landing page e.g. add some welcome text/rules to the top but how do I control the page when it is not an official PAGE?

    Hope you can help!


    Hi rivkah27,

    Everything specifically for bbPress is located on the bbPress site here:





    I believe this nothing to do with bbpress – it’s to do with the theme actually i.e. where is the ‘Forums’ page which originally was on the theme, I just deleted it from the menu…



    Go to the actual forum page, I’m sure it is listed on Pages. Get the URL of the page. Back to Appearance > Menus, insert a Custom Link then add the Forum url.




    rivkah27, I think I can help.

    Create a separate page called “Forums”

    Add this to the body [bbp-forum-index]


    i found the code here “”

    hope this helps


    Another user recently posted they found this guide for bbPress very helpful for getting started so I’ve been pointing people to it for setting up bbPress: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -in-wordpress-with-bbpress/

    Hopefully this combined with draucci1’s advice helps :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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