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    We’d like our Portfolio Gallery (Portfolio Sort Container) to be able to link to their respective Portfolio Page by clicking on the featured image.

    Currently, the only way to link to the post is by clicking the Display Title of entry. (<h1 class=”main-title”></h1>)

    -We are not using the AJAX Portfolio option. We prefer having all of our posts opening on a single page.

    -We do not like the gray scale hover effect being applied to our portfolio gallery. We like displaying all of the colors.

    You can experiecne what I am talking about here:

    And here:

    So, my question is “How can we link our Portfolio Featured Images (and the Display Title) to the Portfolio Page?

    Thanks for all of your help and support! We are big fans of Kriesi and Eunoia.

    -Ryan, We Are SISU



    Edit each Portfolio item, go the Featured Media then edit the image. Look for Apply link to the image?, select where you want to link the image when you click it. Remove the greyscale overlay by editing the Portfolio element on the Template Builder, look for Portfolio Greyscale Overlay? then select “No”. You can also go to Eunoia > Portfolio, look for “Portfolio Greyscale Overlay?” select “No”.





    Thanks for the reply. Your suggestion works, although we now have another question.

    Can we have our Portfolio Gallery Featured Image “Link to Post,” while having “no link” on the Featured Media within the Portfolio Item.

    With your previous suggestions, which we implemented, now the Featured Media with in the Portfolio Item is linked and opens the image in a Light-box when clicked.

    We want to have the Portfolio Gallery Image Linked to the post, which now works. But, we also want our Portfolio Items Featured Media to have “no link.”

    Is this possible?

    Thanks for all of your help and support. We really appreciate you guys!

    -Ryan, We Are SISU


    Hi Ryan,

    No not at the moment but I believe there is some cleaning up/additional options coming to the portfolios in a future update.




    Devin & Staff-

    Was this resolved in the new update?




    No, there were no changes in the last update to the portfolio options as far as I know.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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