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    Hi you all!

    Last WP update enables links on image description wich is awesome, but… how can I get these image description links to work on prettyphoto lightbox popups?

    Thanks in advanced Paloma.


    Hi again.

    Until I know how to get clickable descriptions on enlarged images I’d like to hide these descriptions on prettyphoto.

    I tried adding this code to quick css:

    .pp_description {

    display: none !important;


    But it didn’t work =..( Can you tell me what i did wrong?



    I already fixed my problem with hiding description, so don’t mind about my second post.

    Just in case anyone needs to know, if you want to hide image description on prettyphoto enlarged image you need to add this code to prettyphoto.css:

    .pp_description {

    display: none !important;



    Hi Paloma,

    Thanks for sharing the info. :)





    To show a link in the description field of prettyPhoto panel as per expanded WordPress 3.5 functionality (or show an image in the description field) you would need to find line 664 in file /includes/helper-slideshow.php (make a backup of this file in case you make a mistake)

    which looks like

    if(isset($exif_data['description'][1])) $desc = strip_tags($exif_data['description'][1]);

    Make sure you are on line 664 , because the file has 3 identical lines with the other two being line numbers 392 and 487 in that file. Do not change 392 and 487.

    please change line 664 to look like

    if(isset($exif_data['description'][1])) $desc = $exif_data['description'][1];

    That’s it! I tested it and works.




    It worked awesomely!! The only matter is that It doesn´t works on lightboxes opened from woocommerce products, I think maybe it’s because I’m using attachments plugins for woocommerce products since I didn’t want to upload again all my images, and it was the only way to access my media library.

    It’s not a big deal, just that being already on the product page, having a link to that same page makes no sense. It would be great if it could be fixed, but I guess I’ts way too difficult.

    What I would like the most is to hide description field. I tried to figure out where could I use .pp_description { display: none !important; } on woocommerce, but I guess there is no way that I can do it myself.




    You can try following css code – it will hide the description on woocommerce pages (and only on these pages):

    .woocommerce .pp_description { display: none !important; }

    Best regards,



    Works perfect!!!

    Thanks a lot!!!!!


    Hi Paloma,

    Glad that Peter helped you. :)



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