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    hi. i put portfolio with 2 categories on my front page. when clicking on those thumbnails its open the portfolio item page with the big image i insert in the slideshow of the portfolio item. instead, i want it to open the link i gave it to in the media feature so the portfolio in my front page act like a image based menu.



    On your featured media option, look for Apply link to image?, choose link manually, then provide the link.




    i did it and its still not working..


    when i click the image itself it direct me to the right link but clicking the title under the image its direct me to the item. can i change that or cancel the option to click on the title?

    by the way – great theme and very good service by you guys.. tanks!



    To disable the portfolio title, open includes > loop-portfolio.php and find this code

    echo avia_title(array('class'=>'portfolio-title', 'html' => "<div class='{class} title_container'><h1 class='main-title'>{title}</h1></div>"), $the_id);

    Replace it with

    echo "<div class='title_container portfolio-title'><h1 class='main-title'>";
    echo "</h1></div>";




    thanks. can i have the titles but with no link? in fact i need those titles but not the item link.


    Hi yanivsolomon,

    Have you tried the code above? the code above will retain the title but will remove the link of the title.




    no i didn’t cause i thought it remove the title also.. i will try it.


    Let us know if it works for you as it looks like it should just from reading the code :)




    I’m stuck on the same problem (linking a thumbnail image to a page, rather than a portfolio item). Your first direction to Yaniv didn’t work out for me. I wasn’t able to get as far as linking a thumbnail to a page.

    “On your featured media option, look for Apply link to image?, choose link manually, then provide the link.”

    I did this, but it only linked the featured/slideshow image to the page, rather than linking from the gallery thumbnail directly (bypassing the portfolio item page). The destination gallery is – the gallery thumbnail is the first one appearing on

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Thanks, Jeremy


    Hi Jeremy,

    The custom link doesn’t work on the ajax style porftolio (where the image opens up in a new layer on top of the site). At that point, there is an invisible link on top of all the images to only let the user show the image in new top layer. Once there, the user is able to select the options you set for the custom link.

    You can turn off the ajax effect in the dynamic template for the front page by expanding that portfolio element and change the dropdown for the show on single page or, use the portfolio description as the main portal for directing people to the individual page.



Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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