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    Hi just wondering where/how the fade effect with the circle link Ikon is called/created from – the effect is within the main container of replete template builder – just wondered which classes css was defining this? Ideally I wanted to create something that said click here as a hover effect instead of the link Ikon…

    Also I created a page for displaying categories using this short code

    [product_categories number=””]

    However this displays the images without any padding/border – any idea why or how to get the same image/post borders as all other pages?



    Hi stevedegal,

    The easiest way to change the overlay is to just change out the png in the theme files. It will be in images>layout>overlay-external.png. The hover effect is done with the css on lines 392-397 in base.css.

    If you can link to the page created with the shortcode, we can take a look at it.




    thanks for png is a link to the page with shortcode.


    I’ll have to tag Kriesi on the issue. It looks like the shortcode items need to have the theme styling added to them if its possible.




    Is there any update on the shortcode items having the padding applied?

    I am currently running RC WC2 – noticed this page now lacks the styling for categories, yet has for products. In fact it appears all parent product categories wherever they appear don’t have the css applied to them.

    Thanks again


    Hey! Just checked your problem and after giving it some thought I dont think that I will meddle with the woocommerce shortcode, since it might break the defaults of woocommerce that users are used to. So if you want to use those shortcodes, at least for the moment I am afraid I cant help right now.

    As for problems with RC1: We are currently gathering information and will release a first update during the next 1 or 2 weeks, depending on the status of WC2 :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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