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    How can I make the titles of the featured thumbnails link to the post instead of opening in the slider above?



    you can change the link behaviour of the featured images. Search for the “Apply link to the image?” option and select “Link to this post”.


    If I do that I get the lightbox overlay on the image, and my customer doesn´t want that. He just wants the title to link to the post.


    You can turn off the lightbox symbol by choosing “no link” for the image.


    That´s what I did. What I need now is a way to link the titles of the feature thumbs to link to the post, instead of opening in the slider.


    Don’t they do that anyway? Mine do…


    No, the title main part of the slider does, but the title of the thumbnails underneath don´t. If I click them they show up in the main part above.


    Oh, you mean the post title of the thumbnails under the slider? I see what you mean. I think you’d have to change the slider code because it doesn’t look to be set up to do that. The idea of the thumbnails seems to be to open them into the slider where you can then link out to the post afterwards. Wouldn’t it be easier just to remove the thumbnails and leave the big slider with all the featured posts on constant rotation?

    If not, I’m sure dude can help you with the code you need.


    That would be a good option.

    If he could let me know how to do this I´d be very happy :o)



    I’m sorry but as rumblefish pointed out the thumbnails are used as slider control buttons and it’s not possible to link them to post/pages or external websites. To be honest I think it wouldn’t be very intuitive to apply links to the small thumbnails because (nearly) all users expect the thumbnails to be control buttons and not links to other websites….


    Isn´t it possible to remove them then?

    Unfortunately my customer want´t the titles to link to the post.


    Yes – the best way is to hide them (because of seo reasons). Open up css/custom.css and add:

    .feature_thumbnails, feature-slide-scrollbar {
    display: none !important;

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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