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    when I click on the authors name in my blog posts I am directed to my home page. I would like it to link to an author page. How do I change this?



    By default when you click on the author link, you should be redirected to the author archive. Is it ok for you to backup your files and install Corona theme again?




    Is that my only option?


    Hello Lindsay,

    Did you set your homepage to be a blog?

    It is a bit confusing because the author archive page looks exactly the same as the blog page except for the title.




    no it’s a page w/ a dynamic template (portfolio) assigned to it.



    Maybe you should try to re-install Corona. The author link works fine on a default settings.

    Please don’t forget to create a backup files.




    what will I lose If I reinstall?


    If you didn’t modify the theme files you won’t loose any settings, changes, etc.

    If eg css/custom.css contains some custom code make a backup of this file before you start to overwrite all the theme files/wp files.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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