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    I have added some vertical and landscape format images to a page. All is fine, as long as they are landscape images, but vertical images are looking strange in the lightbox (prettyphoto):

    How can I show there less small thumbs, so that nothing goes outside of the box?

    In this case 6 thumbs would fit into the lightbox, but the shown 10 thumbs are perfect for horizontal images, but not for verticals – and my images are mixed: vertical and landscape formats at this page.

    How to solve this please, so that the thumbnails also fit in the lightbox, no matter, if it is a vertical or a landscape format image?



    I just saw, that if I would have 15 images at my page, then in the lightbox of such a vertical format image now 15 thumbs are showing next to another, which is much wider then the lightbox.

    How can I take influence, so that the number of thumbs, shown in the lightbox pop up is only so much thumbs, as can fit into the lightbox pop up – no matter how many images the page has?



    Unfortunately I couldn’t find a solution for this problem. You can hide the gallery overlay completely or try to switch to another lightbox like fancybox.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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