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    I would like to play video thru the lightbox (prefer not to use youtube or vimeo) and have accomplished this by (1) uploading video to the Media Library, (2) copy and paste media link to “edit Post” or Portfolio items page and inserting link in “Use Video instead of Featured Images” options. Video plays back perfectly.

    However, the first frame of video image does not appear on the post or portfolio items? It shows the URL link? Is there an option to show an image or the first frame of video?


    I found a few other support Q&A that answered my above questions. Now I’m considering using VideoPress to host video rather than Vimeo. Will the shortcode for embedding work just like the URL in the Featured Image Additional Options (Use Video instead of Featured Images) section?



    we haven’t tested VideoPress with Habitat (and we don’t support this service officially). Basically it should work the same way like youtube or vimeo do but I can’t promise it. So just try to implement it like vimeo videos.


    I gave Studiopress a try and it did not work. It provides an OGG File URL and a shortcode for embedding [wpvideo ipBv99Z6]

    I wasn’t able to make either work so I’ll probably stay with Vimeo…



    I think this is the best solution :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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