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    but unresolved. It doesn’t appear to be a Flash issue. Whatever content I try to pop-up here, it doesn’t work. So apparantly it’s an AJAX/Lightbox issue.

    Still need help! Thanks!!


    I’m not sure how your lightbox works but maybe you need to init the js function after the ajax call. Open up js/avia.js and search for following function:

    function avia_ajax_call(container)

    Note that Kriesi also calls the lightbox activation function there with following code:

    //activates the prettyphoto lightbox

    and you might want to replace this function with your lightbox code.


    Thanks. I’m not following you though. What code specifically would I replace this with? I don;t see anything in the Lightbox JS file that looks anything like it.



    I’m not familiar with the code of lightbox pro. You might want to contact the plugin author and ask him how to call/initialize the lightbox. Then replace the code I posted above with your custom lightbox code.


    Thanks Dude. I’m not too clear about how different lightboxes work. Let me ask this… is there a lightbox type component you know WILL work here?

    Thanks again… I see people struggling with this, and they cite solutions… but they are not working for me.

    I’m still trying your recommendation above as well.


    Personally I’m using however it’s not a free script (license fee for commercial websites). I posted a short tutorial here: which tells you how I integrated the lightbox on my website.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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