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    The thumbs on my main page have that downloader thingy just spinning and spinning with no image ever showing up. When you run the mouse over you get a tiny box but no image inside. I am using WP 3.4 and I also went to the Pretty Photo site uploaded the very latest version and replaced the prettyPhoto folder with it but this didn’t work. I did however upload a gallery through the WP downloader and these images load and seem to have all the Pretty Photo functions working. I can’t get any FLV vids working though. The box loads but nothing plays. I have the latest version of flash on my computer and it is working fine.

    I tried the sample directly from Pretty Photo and it works fine on their site but not mine (I replaced the img with one of my own)

    Flash 10 demo


    So I guess this must solely be a flash problem with my theme. I am able embed youtube and quicktime vids from other sites but I can’t play .flv from my own urls for some reason.



    Yes, PrettyPhoto does not support flv files. You can try the swf format or .mov videos though (see )

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    Ah yes Peter thanks I figured that out after. Found a cool plugin that will allow you to use flv’s and mp4’s with light box plugin but you have to pay for it.

    But the same question remains with my main page. Unless I set a thumbnail the loader or whatever you call it just keeps spinning and spinning even when it is just a picture gallery. Also the larger flyout image when you run your mouse over it does not work either.


    Hi Milo99,

    When you create your image posts use the “Set Featured Image” link in the “Featured Image” box. Make sure you click the “Use as featured image” link after you’ve uploaded your image. What this will do is automatically generate the thumbnail (to be used on the Homepage) as well as full size image and the flyout image.

    The “Post Thumbnail Options” section is if you want to define a custom thumbnail or custom full size image.

    Hope this helps!



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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