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    I am trying to display Vimeo videos in a lightbox popup window. This is not working. Here’s my portfolio page:

    As instructed by the documentation, I have entered the following link into the “Full Size Picture or Video for Lightbox” field on the post:

    Tried downloading the latest prettyPhoto and replacing the files. Still doesn’t work.

    Purchased this theme about a week ago. Using WP 3.2.1.



    you can upload an image and link it to your video, this way it opens up in a lightbox and it will display the video.


    Tried your suggestion, and unfortunately it’s still not working. Please see this page:

    With “Karl’s Big Break”, I uploaded an image and linked it to my video in the text edit area of the post (as you suggest above). Didn’t work.

    With “Karl’s Big Break 2”, I placed a link to my image in the “Preview Picture Medium” field and placed a link to my video in the “Full Size Picture or Video for Lightbox” field. This causes the correct image to appear, but instead of launching the lightbox when you click the image, it sends you to the Vimeo page. When you click the POST TITLE, however, you’re sent to a 404 page.



    I tested this in my demo and it worked fine, are you sure you have no plugins that are interfering with lightbox? If all fails you can create me an admin account and send the user information to (Email address hidden if logged out) , this might take me a while to respond through mail.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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