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    We are having a problem with the Lightbox not triggering in the post header images on, instead we get taken just to the photo link page with the image for example here Do you know what may be causing this?



    When you set the image in the post as a ‘featured image’ you can choose a number of options for how it will display when clicked. Maybe you didn’t set the ‘lightbox image’ option.



    1) add a preview image (by using the featured media options/uploader) and choose the “link manually” option. Then enter a youtube or vimeo url in the link field. The video will play in the lightbox.


    2) Click the upload button, wait for the popup window and click the “From URL” tab. Afterwards enter your video url (youtube, vimeo) into the url text input field and click on “Insert into Post”.


    We’ve set the images as lightbox image, and it still does not work. Any ideas? All plugins we installed have been disabled.


    It seems like you experience a js error on your website (i.e. there’s oalso no featured image slider bar and read more button effect). Please try to deactivate all plugins – very likely one causes a js error/conflict. Afterwards activate them one by one until the error occurs again. Then you’ve found the conflicting one.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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