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    I don’t know if I did something to mess things up or if it’s just a bug but I added 2 side by side images in pages and attached them to image for lightbox to open in full size and that works fine.

    But when I do the same in blog, the area that highlights on hover covers not only the images but the entire post, including the title which then becomes unclickable and will open the image lightbox instead of linking to actual post. All the text also becomes covered by lightbox hover effect. This is really weird.

    I would give you a link only I don’t want to publish it that way.

    help pls :D


    having the same problem. did notice that when the image is added it adds this

    <span class="image_overlay_effect" style="display: block; z-index: 5; opacity: 0; "></span>

    right before the closing tag. this only seems to be a problem when trying to open the image with the lightbox effect.

    example can be found here:


    Hi Crawford13,

    Went to your link, seems your lighbox hover works fine…how did you fix it?

    and P.S. don’t know if you might be interested but you can add a iFrame plug in so your websites open in lightbox but are live and can be surfed through as well. Here’s what i did: I used easyFancyBox but I was told PrettyPhoto works too.


    Oh wait, that was in portfolio-items….lightbox works in portfolio and pages, just giving me trouble in blog.


    Hey! Please download the latest version of the theme and update the files/folders mentioned in the versions file that comes with the download. The bug should be fixed once you have replaced the old avia.js file with the new one ;)




    Thank you Kriesi!

    Perfect! you’re the best!

    How can I receive emails to let me know there are updates?

    thanks again



    we have no notification system at the moment but Kriesi announces updates on twitter:!/kriesi

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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