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    My website is

    If you go here: and scroll down to Exclusive Listings: 728 Marin Pky, Dadeville, AL (just below the photo) you will see ‘view photos (45)’ and when you click on that you can only see the first one. It does not give you the option to go to the next photo.

    It should work like this one. Go to and scroll down to 1020 Wake Robin, Eclectic, AL and just below the photo you will see ‘view photos (27)’. Click on that and you have the arrows to scroll through the pictures.

    I had this issue on another site and they had me fix something in the Lightbox. That is why I titled this post ‘Lightbox Error’.

    I would appreciate any help you could give me on this.

    Thank you!


    Hi meezie,

    The page isn’t putting out multiple images so there isn’t a group of images for the lightbox to cycle through.

    I don’t know how the listing is configured to spit out the associated images but they are not loaded in at all (they are in the other site). Your best bet is to check with the plugin developer for the listings and see what needs to be done so that it properly adds in all of the images. It could be a theme conflict or just a difference in settings but with having no experience with it, I can’t really say one way or another.





    We will need to update your prettyPhoto. Please open up /js/prettyPhoto folder of the theme.

    Now what you will need to do is

    1) download the update which is here

    2) unzip it on you computer

    3) using ftp you should navigate to the /js/prettyphoto folder of your website and inside there should be 3 folders which match the 3 folders from the zip file ( css, images, js ) .Please delete all 3 folders and in their place upload the 3 folders from the zip file along with everything inside the folders.

    You know, instead of deleting the folders, just rename them in case a mistake is made. You can rename the originals to css2, images2 and js2 prior to uploading.





    I have downloaded the update, unzipped on my computer and saved as you suggested. I logged in via FTP and am unable to locate the prettyphoto folder…can you help me with this? I find a js folder under wp-includes and a js folder under wp-admin, but I do not see a ‘prettyphoto’ folder.



    Please find your theme folder it should be /wp-content/themes/brightbox/js/PrettyPhoto … just rename the folder to prettyphoto2 and then upload the new prettyphoto.




    Thank you! : ) Worked perfect!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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