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    Hi all,

    On my clothes website I need to display several pictures such as front, back, details…

    A lot of my products are variable so I set them up with the lightbox (cause zoom doesn’t work properly it’s been verified by several)

    My problem is that what ever browser I use the lightbox doesn’t upload half the featured pictures properly but gives that kind of error message:

    Script :

    I have tried to put less but with no results


    Hi boudoirs,

    Both Woocommerce and the Abundance theme you are currently running are out of date. There have been a number of bug fixes and changes that will probably fix the issues you are having.

    You can update your theme files by re-downloading the theme from ThemeForest from your Downloads page. The WooCommerce plugin can be updated through the WordPress admin area.




    Hi Devin,

    I knew my Abundance version was not the last one but sort of understood the update was a bit turning upside down what people had set up previously, and regarding the woocommerce one the extension part doesn’t mention any upgrade to do. And to be honest that’s the kind of manipulation that makes me freak to put all down

    Didi you mean the wordpress base?

    Thanks a lot,



    The source of your site shows your woo commerce version at WooCommerce and Theme version of 1.0.1. There are some big changes with WooCommerce at version 1.4 I believe, and there was an update to Abundance to address the difference and fix some additional bugs at that point.

    You can look through the change logs for both the theme and the plugin if you are interested in more but without running them up to date I can’t say for sure what could be causing your issues.


    Hi Devin,

    I tried to update Abundance the same I upload the first time (it’s to say unzip only once and charge the file from appearance/ theme… but it says the older already exist at the location

    And I updated woocommerce but maybe the wrong way because the dashborad of my products pages is very slow and the variations part doesn’t work properly (but the pictures display issue seems to be fixed at least :) !!

    if I uninstall woocommerce to install it again does that mean I’ll have to re set up everything included products???

    Many thanks



    1) Unpack the themforest package. You’ll get a folder which contains another zip file ( Unzip this file too.

    2) Use a ftp client like filezilla to access your server directories. Navigate to wp-content/themes and download your current theme folder (as backup). If you haven’t modified any theme files just delete this folder.

    3) Now upload the new (unpacked) theme files (see step 1) to your themes folder. If you’ve modified files like css/custom.css upload them too and replace the original file.

    You can also use version.rtf and just replace the updated files if you prefer this way.


    Hi Dude,

    Thank you very much for your answer, and to the team in general for the support!!

    I’ll have to ask a friend to do it for me cause am not that comfortable touching ftp …

    the update I did of woocommerce kind of broke the back office:

    I cannot set up variable products unless I copy an existing variable product, do you know where it can come from by chance?

    can you keep this topic open for a time please? am not sure how I’ll solve all that…


    I know there are some conflicts between the newever version of woocommerce and the older version of the theme so when the new them gets uploaded it might alleviate your woocommerce issues entirely.


    Hi Devin,

    That’s what I suspect t be honest. As I’m not really confortable at the time to manipulate codes…. I’ll do the update with a friend and let you know if it solves the issue or not.

    you’re doing a very good job guys,

    thanks al ot


    Definitely let us know how it goes :)


    Hi guys,

    Dude, when you say

    “3) Now upload the new (unpacked) theme files (see step 1) to your themes folder. If you’ve modified files like css/custom.css upload them too and replace the original file.”

    do you mean I have to upload all the files I unzipped in the themforest package?

    many thanks,



    Hi there,

    I’ve updated wordpress to 3.3.2, abundance 1.3 and woocommerce to 1.5.4 and it’s still messing up and even worst:

    – some widgets don’t show anymore although they are setup in the proper way (on the front page for example)

    – I cannot create variable product anymore

    – on existing variable products I cannot upload pictures from the product page but have to go trough the media portfolio and eventhough it’s not stable at all: shows the right pictures 10 minutes and then switch to another one

    – doesn’t activate new shipping classes anymore

    – my extensions were already setup and were not in conflict with the rest

    I’m not really sure if I should do the last woomerce update right now with all that mess in my BO, please help it’s horrible it takes me 1h30 hours to set up 1 product now.


    Hi boudoirs,

    First I would start off just switching to the default wordpress theme (twenty eleven) and turning off all plugins. Verify that all is working (posts, pages etc).

    Next activate the WooCommerce plugin you have and test the product creation. If all continues to work as it should, activate the Abundance theme.

    Just want to give each piece a chance to be tested individually before being combined as the problems seem to be a bit scattered.





    I’ve done as you said Devin, and it appears that woocommerce still doesn’t work properly.

    So I guess I should uninstall it all and upload last version from scratch but have questions:

    – where are located the products files I should save in order to put it back once I’ll have re-installed woocommerce for not having to recreate my 108 products one by one

    – which files should I keep in order to be able to get my set up and customisation back (if I can avoid to do it all again I would appreciate a lot :)

    Will it generate conflict with Abundance theme? Is there any other precaution I should think about?

    Do you know any expert I could talk to in order to make somebody review my site? I feel a bit lost…

    many thanks again




    Could you please give me a hand on that topic? It’s not being quite urgent but urgent a loooot.

    thanks guys,



    Hi guys,

    could you please help?

    many thanks,



    Hi Sophie,

    I’m afraid I don’t know that much regarding backing up product data and everything for WooCommerce. I would recommend checking into their forums or guides for making database backups.

    Usually, when you delete a plugin or theme files, the settings will still be on the server (including product data, posts, theme settings etc). I can’t guarantee anything so I would still recommend looking into what steps you need to take to download a backup of the data.

    It should be fine to just delete the new version then re-install the older version but again, if you can backup your database for everything just in case I would definitely recommend it.




    Hi Devin, Dude,

    the error has finally been detected:

    it’s an ” ‘ ” in the text box attached to the tax pages in woocommerce which messed up everything, while it wouldn’t before.

    all pictures and products creation are solved, so I’m really really relieved.

    any other thing I think about or happens I’ll communicate if it can helps.





    Good thing this is resolved.





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