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    I’ve created a blog/website using the Brightbox theme and I’ve showed the site to a friend (with the same job).

    He asked me to build a similar site for his company.

    A) I assume that he has to buy the license for his company too?

    B) Or is there a way (he is not a computer and internet expert and prefers not to buy anything using his visa on the internet) that I pay the license with my own VISA, but fill in his company-name, website and invoice-details? => so i offer him the invoice and he pays me back for it. (so I can’t make any money-profits on the theme-purchase itself?)

    Thans for your advise already!





    A) Yes -I assume you bought a single license. Only an extended license would allow you/your friend to use our theme on more websites.

    B) I’d contact the themeforest/envato support because I’m not sure here (especially I’m not sure if the payment gateways support a mix-up of user/payment data).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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