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    Great theme so far, only problem is left sidebar widgets when viewed in responsive mode, should retain their order and come out on top of other columns instead below other columns.

    Every other responsive layout so far works like this and it is only i found out about this issue after buying the theme. Please advise if it can be fixed through css, because if it can not be fixed I ‘m afraid i will have to continue my project using (unfortunately) some other theme :(

    Thanks in advance for your understanding


    Further explanation:

    Left side widgets, when viewed in one column view on mobile (responsive) are supposed to appear before the content in the middle or right, that is the logical order. only in your theme, the left sidebar widgets appear last (bottom) on page, and not top of page, as in other responsive designs.

    I need a possible solution for this, in order to continue with my project involving your theme

    Kindly revert back



    I haven’t seen a theme which renders the sidebar first. Content should always be at the top. You need to hire a freelance developer to do the job for you. It will take a lot of modification to make the sidebar show first.




    Ismael, you’re not getting me here, every (and i have bought dozen of other on themeforest, for my other projects, ALL show the left sidebar on top, when viewed in responsive mode, if client wishet to have the sidebar on bottom, he simply chooses right side widgets for that. your theme if first that shows the left sidebar not on top but on bottom when viewed in responsive mode. this is totally diferent when the way responsive layout works, and my experience with purchasing themes from themeforest, as well as working with other responsive designs shows the left sidebar on top , when viewed in single column view. with this i would link to emphasize that your theme is clearly broken, since not providing this option and i will be writing to envato to get mu refund from you guys, thanks

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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