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    This is with reference to the Incarnation theme. CSS Version: 1.5 All of a sudden, my custom template created with the template builder that have LEFT side bars, the sidebar are appearing at the bottom of the page… I have no custom widgets, just the default navigation selected. No special plugins installed. The default LEFT side bars are fine, as are any custom templates with RIGHT sidebars. Occurs in All browser… I have spent the entire day trying to resolve this issue. This is what I have tried so far…

    Removed ALL edits made to the Custom CSS file,

    Recreated the template

    Tried to add a text widget to the sidebar.

    Tried adding the “clear” css comment you suggested for similar issues.

    Her is the page with the problem.. .

    Thanks, JM


    Try following – open up js/avia.js and replace following line at the top:



    var sidebarelement = jQuery('.container_wrap.main_color.dynamic_element');

    if(!sidebarelement.hasClass('sidebar_left') && !sidebarelement.hasClass('sidebar_right')){
    if(jQuery('.container_wrap.main_color.dynamic_element .sidebar.sidebar_left').length > 0){

    This is a temporary fix – I’ll ask Kriesi to look into it.


    Your fix worked. Thank you for the quick reply. There is a split second delay in the screen adjusting the layout but I imagine that is because this is a temporary fix.

    The turn around time you guys provide on this forum is very impressive. This kind of service will keep customers coming back to your themes. Thank you.

    Please keep me posted on a permanent fix.

    Best Regards,



    Hey JM,

    You may also want to try disabling all active plugins to see if one of theme was the original cause. I know jetpack specifically causes all kinds of issues despite being created by the WordPress team.




    Good afternoon,

    Unfortunately, I am running into litany of problems with custom templates, even with a fresh install of the theme and a reset of the database. Below I have outline in detail the problem for you. As you will tell, something is clearly wrong with the template and the custom theme builder. This is significantly affecting the theme and my ability to use the template.

    STEP 1

    * deleted the theme

    * reset the database

    * reinstalled the theme

    * As per your last e-mail, de- activated jet pack, as well as ALL other plug-ins.

    * WP Super Cache = off ( I still delete the cache between each set of tests, just to make sure that no pages are lingering)

    STEP 2

    Before making modifications to the java file as per your first e-mail, I wanted to see if the problem still occurred with custom templates made through the template builder. For testing purposes, I created 2 basic templates, one with right sidebar and the other with left sidebar. The structure of both templates is as follows…

    Page Split > styling = header; box overlap = no

    Heading 1 + Breadcrumbs > Set Page Title = custom heading (“Custom Heading”); breadcrumbs = yes

    Page Split > styling = main content; box overlap = yes

    Post/page Content > Which Content = display content of page; display title = yes

    STEP 3

    I created 2 test pages with the exact same content. One set to the right sidebar layout, and to the left sidebar layout. Here are the results:

    LEFT Sidebar Page Results:


    • The left sidebar does appear.

    • The header section has the correct styling as selected in the template options section (Default Blue is selected)


    • Header section displays the name of the page title, NOT the custom heading which was entered in the template builder.

    • The Page Title is not showing up in the main content section as it should be because this option was selected in the template builder.

    • No styling is applied to the content section. For example content that has the style H1 and H2 applied to it, are disappearing as plain text.

    RIGHT Sidebar Page Results:


    • Header section IS CORRECTLY displayed the custom heading which was entered in the template builder.

    • The Page Title IS CORRECTLY displayed up in the main content section as it should because this option was selected in the template builder. The styling of the page title is correct.


    • The right sidebar is appearing at the bottom of the page.

    • The header section does not have the correct styling. Basically it has no style, except the fact that the fonts are the correct style and size. The style should be the default blue as selected in the template options. Indeed, the header style should appear just like the left sidebar page does.

    • No styling is applied to the content section. For example content that has the style H1 and H2 applied to it, are disappearing as plain text.

    STEP 4

    I made the changes js/avia.js file as you outline in your first e-mail. And the results were identical as to those from STEP 3 above…

    Can you please put a rush on resolving the issue with the custom template builder. As you can see, I have gone to great lengths to document this problem. Because this issue is affecting numerous aspects of the template, many position, application of styles, applications of content, etc., it is significantly affecting my ability to use this template.

    Thank you very much in advance…



    Forgot to send you these links to the pages I created and discussed above.

    Left Sidebar Page:

    Right Sidebar Page:


    Hi jmsgolden,

    I’m going to tag Kriesi on this so he can test and try and diagnose first hand. It may take a bit of time to get an update out to address it depending on what is required for a fix.





    Any progress on this? It has been 5 days. Without the ability to have custom templates, I will need to use a move my project onto another theme. Please advice ASAP.


    I’ve not gotten an update about it but it will take some time for Kriesi to address the issue and then fix it and deploy an update.

    If you are under a deadline, I’d recommend trying a different layout combination or as you said, another theme.




    Hi. I have the same problem. I’ve gotten the sidebar to work, but it keeps showing up at the bottom.


    Hi sgshapiro,

    Is it with the same layout as outline above or a different one? If its different, an you outline what is is here so Kriesi can fix that as well?




    Hey Devin,

    Its a similar layout as above, though I have tried a lot of different combinations. And also, the “home” page, which also has a very similar layout, except it includes a slideshow, doesnt have any sidebar appear at all, but has a 2/3 layout as if there was a blog. which is strange.

    thanks for the help.

    the page is:


    I’ll email Kriesi the link to this topic today so a fix can get started asap.





    @sgshapiro – Have a look at this post to fix the issue:

    Kriesi will add this fix to the next update.




    Thanks Dude. My computer access is extremely limited right now, but when I get a chance I’ll give that a try. Thanks for the help.




    Grat, please report back if it worked out :)

    Best regards,




    already added the mentioned fix to the next version, which should arrive at themeforest in the next few days :)

    If anything else doesnt work let us know so we can find a solution before releasing the next update ;)



    Have all the issues I reported been fixed?



    We released the theme updates 2 days ago. You can download them from



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