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    Hi all

    I´ve just bought this wonderful theme and started to play with it and woocommerce plugin. However after setting up a product, in the single product´s page I´m having a problem with the left side column. It seems that the widgets tend to “leak” toward the right, over the description field. Please have a look at the image below

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance





    Just to bring additional info to this problem I´ve found another one: if i select the “Additional info ” tab my still problematic left side bar shrinks.

    Weird isn´t It?

    have a look:


    Well, almost 24 hours after my very first post here with no words of wisdom from any mod or developer I must say that i´m a bit desapointed.

    I´d like to know what is your estimated time table to answer questions around just to avoid false expectations from customers like me.

    Meanwhile I´ll be here sitting and waiting for some input on this matter…..



    Anybody Home?????

    Any mod, admin or dev???????

    2 days and no word, that´s weird



    This is just my everyday task…come around and sadly see that 3 days ago i´ve posted ans till now not even a comma from any admin or moderator



    Hi stickFinger,

    Sorry it took so long to respond. Occasionally support requests slip through or don’t get noticed by any of the support staff. Its definitely not something we like to happen!

    Just looking at the images I’m not sure what is causing that. Make sure you have at least version 1.2 of Abundance installed and 1.4+ of WooCommerce running. Also try disabling all plugins except for WooCommerce to see if there is a conflict with the theme and a plugin (very often the case).

    Finally, if you have the site online, could you give me a link to inspect the code live?

    Thank you, and I apologize once again for the delay in response :)


    Hi Devin

    Welcome to the “saga” :-)

    Answering some of your questions:

    !. yes i have the 1.2 Abundance

    2. woocommerce 1.4+

    Plugins disabled one by one = no results :-(

    But, after hours digging around i´ve found that:

    Open “style.css”, around line 1252, find:

    *.dual-sidebar .sidebar_left{

    position: absolute;



    Change to:

    *.dual-sidebar .sidebar_left{

    /*position: absolute;*/



    Maybe a dirty solution but works.

    Any thoughts?



    Just to add more info

    Unfortunately the solution above it´s not perfect.

    It brakes the 3 column layout . The left side bar goes down….


    . CONTENT……………………..| right side bar OK |

    . .

    . .

    . .

    . .

    . .

    . .

    . …………………………………..


    left side bar starts

    from here




    Anybody home again??????


    Hi stickFinger,

    Without inspecting the code it’ll be a bit hard to diagnose. What widget is it that is overflowing and causing the issue? Is it a text widget with html inside or soemthing built into the theme?


    I’m having the same trouble. The left sidebar widgets bleed out into the main content area. Any ideas on how to fix this?



    This is also causing the Related Products boxes to shift right. Photo here:


    Here’s my site if you’d like to see it live.


    Hi snowtone,

    Can you give us an exact page where the left sidebar widget is bleeding over?



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