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    Hi All,

    I didnt get to use a left floating quote in footer text area.

    I’m using a wordpress version 3.2.1

    I used this :

    This is a test

    Are there any way to do this ?



    You can try to wrap the code in a div/span – then apply a custom class or inline css to it. The code would look like:

    <div style="float:left !important;">
    This is a test


    Hi Dude, thanks for replyng ! I put your code, but didnt work it !


    Can you post a link to a sample page please?


    Hi, Dude !

    Take a look in footer at

    Thanks !


    Ah – ok. Now I see the problem :) – the shortcode you posted above is correct, ignore my instructions above. The problem is that widget areas don’t parse shortcodes by default. Open up functions.php and add following code at the very bottom:

    add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode');


    Thansks for replyng Dude !

    But, I think that I need to add a filter like you said to footer isnt it ? What´s the name of filter I need to use it ?

    Even so, I lke the possibilty to put shortcode in widgets… :)


    I’m uncertain what you mean. When you put a text widget in the footer and do as Dude suggested there should be no other steps to take for your shortcodes to work in your footer widgets.

    Edit: I just visited your site and I noticed you’re trying to add a shortcode in plain HTML/PHP, it doesn’t seem to work like this (as Dude said, to ignore his previous instructions). You can however add another widget area on that spot using (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -to-your-wordpress-theme” class=”bbcode_url”>this tutorial. You can then put a text widget in place and add the shortcode.


    sorry maybe I didnt explain very well .. when you go in Brightbox Theme Option -> Footer -> Footer Textarea > there you can put some text to appears in your footer and I knew that was possible to put a html combination to show my logo image and a quote shortcode text

    and not inside widget !

    Is it necessary to some add_filter ?

    By the way, Is it possible change background color in quote shortcode ?

    note :Dude and Chris, sorry my question..ok I´m a software developer but I dont know anything about web programming…right

    Thanks again.


    Try following – open up footer.php and replace:

    $footer_text = avia_get_option('footer_text');


    $footer_text = avia_get_option('footer_text');
    $footer_text = do_shortcode( $footer_text );


    Hi Dude, thanks solve more this… :)

    is it possible change the background color for this shortcode and align it to center of page ?

    I like very much this theme.. congratulations for you !


    You can use folloeing code in css/custom.css:

    .pullquote_boxed {
    background: url("../images/icons/quotes.png") no-repeat scroll 10px 18px #F8F8F8;

    to change the background color.

    You can center the quote but it looks strange imho because of the logo to the left. Use following code:

    .pullquote_boxed {
    margin: auto !important;
    float: none !important;


    Thanks Dude !


    Glad that I could help you :)

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