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    The position of the slideshow on the homepage is not sitting quite right… I have the slideshow basically just displaying a vimeo link without anything else so there is constantly the video on the homepage with no animations. The background colour of the top half of the site (grey) end higher then the bottom of the video (easier to see in the link then to explain)..

    1) I would like to make the grey part of the background end lower before turning into white to incorporate the height of the slide show video. It looks like i only need an extra 20px or so of grey to cover it.

    2) the four menu buttons on the homepage are sitting about 10px lower than the logo and are leaving no gap between the menu header and the slideshow, Is it possible to lift the menu buttons so they are in line with the logo? Once I navigate to another page for example within the side, the page info text (I think they are called breadcrumbs???) are overlapping the menu items.

    Hope this makes sense!

    URL: http://www.cutfire.com.au
    Page info overlapping example: http://www.cutfire.com.au/ourwork/




    Hey cutfirefilms!

    1.) You can use this on your custom.css or Quick CSS to adjust the slider container:

    #header {
    background-color: #222222;
    #top #header.slideshow_big_container {
    padding-bottom: 145px;

    2.) Adjust the menu upwards using this:

    #top .main_menu .menu {
    top: 15px;


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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