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    Hi, I’ve activated the Replete Theme but my HOME shows a right bar and a different structure.

    Please, give me the instructions to obtain exactly the demo appareance:

    e to activate the home page SLIDER

    many thanks


    Hi franz78_franz78,

    You can use the themes Import Dummy data button in the main theme options to load in the content to give your site all the settings and options like the demo.

    Then just go through and edit those pages/posts/portfolio items and products that get created for you so that they reflect your site needs.




    Many thanks!

    I’ve imported the Dummy data.

    – My products categories are still present but are not displayed. Why?

    – How can I modify the home page slider ?

    many thanks


    The home page slideshow is controlled on the Frontpage or Homepage “Page”. It will be whatever page is chosen in the main theme options for the dropdown under Front page choice.

    Take a look at the documentation file that is in the main download you can download from themeforest (not the wordpress file option, the one with the PSD and everything in it). It has instructions on most of the basics for editing and using the theme.

    You may need to go into the themes Template Builder section and select your products from the product element in the frontpage template.




    Hi, thanks for your reply.

    I don’t see, for example, the other menu items created.

    In the Replete documentation file, the point 3.8 :

    ” Setting up the Menus on your site – top

    The Theme improves the WordPress 3.0 menu items with a few additional options that make it possible to create subheadings for the main menu items. To do this just enter some text into the menus description field. If you have problems pulling that off: here is a short demonstration on how its done (Replete theme, works the same way in Replete)

    The theme offers 2 menu locations: the Main menu location beside your logo and a very small submenu location at the top of your page, right above your logo. Once you have created a menu you then have to select where to display it. Please keep in mind that the small menu location above your logo doesnt support dropdown menus or mega menus.

    You can also create additional menus and display them within your sidebar by adding the menu widget to one of your sidebars”

    Unfortunately the page is a +404 and I would know how show the other menu items

    thanks for your help.


    Ok, I’ve changed the menu items from APPEARANCE > MENUS


    Hi good people, I can’t get to download the extra pages that come with the theme. cannot find the XWR file with incarnation church theme . Please email at (Email address hidden if logged out)


    Hey franz78_franz78,

    Yes, all menus are controlled from Appearances>Menus which is the standard wordpress menus manager.

    @niservices – Please make a new topic and explain what your issue is with a bit more detail. This topic is for Replete and prefer to keep things from getting off topic within a single post.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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