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    Please help! I just upgraded to the most reacent version of google chrome, and the site layout is no longer displayed correctly. I disabled all plugins to make sure there is no conflict. I also went to the live version of this theme and it also is not displayed correctly on the newest version of chrome (view as boxed layout to see it clearly).

    The site does display correctly in firefox, so it is apparently only a chrome issue at this point. Can you help with this please?



    I tried to reproduce the error but I couldn’t. Maybe try to clear your browser cache. Sometimes leftovers like outdated css files cause the problems.


    UPDATE: The theme works correctly in the *current* version of Chrome. The *upcoming* version (now in beta) does not display the site correctly. I also checked the *next* upcoming version after that, and it also does not display the site correctly.

    Note: I have only tested Chrome for Mac.

    Basically, yes it does work correctly for now- but once the new version of Chrome for Mac comes out of beta, all users will see this issue. You can get the chrome updates online here:

    Please let the Kriesi know about this issue, or give us a workaround, so that we can avoid any issues with the new release.

    Thank you!


    To clarify, the layout does not display correctly in the following upcoming versions of Chrome:

    -Chrome Beta for Mac

    -Chrome Dev for Mac


    Yes – but because it’s a beta version (not even a release candidate) it’s propably not a problem on our end. We’ll wait for the final version or RC versions before we look into it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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