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    Can you please help me figure out how to get new windows launched in the following links:

    Main nav menu item

    social media icons

    avicordian links

    Thanks in advance!


    anyone out there?


    Hi cg413,

    Some of these are a bit more involved but lets see what we can do!

    The main nav items can be made to open in a new window from the Menus manager as part of the native wordpress interface. You might need to enable the Link Target option in the Screen Options tab located at the top of the screen when viewing the Menus area. Then you can choose that option as part of the menu item.

    For the social icons, open your header.php files located in the theme files and replace:

    if($twitter = avia_get_option('twitter')) echo "<li class='twitter'><a href='".$twitter."' >Twitter</a></li>";
    if($facebook = avia_get_option('facebook')) echo "<li class='facebook'><a href='".$facebook."'>Facebook</a></li>";


    if($twitter = avia_get_option('twitter')) echo "<li class='twitter'><a href='".$twitter."' target='_blank'>Twitter</a></li>";
    if($facebook = avia_get_option('facebook')) echo "<li class='facebook'><a href='".$facebook."' target='_blank'>Twitter</a></li>";

    Your just adding target=’_blank’ to each of the links.

    As for the accordion links, I’m not quite sure. I’ll have to check with some of the other support crew and see if they have a good idea on that.




    ok, those worked great, thank you! I think I can get the avicordian to work, I’ll try that now.


    nope, no luck w/ the avicordian slides – still need your help with that… thanks!


    Is it somewhere here, in the helper-slideshow.php file?

    //apply links to the image if thats what the user wanted

    $url = avia_get_link($element, ‘slideshow_’, false, $this->post_id);

    if($url) $url = “<Hyperlink URL='”.$url.”‘ />”;



    $this->slides_xml .= ‘<Image Source=”‘.avia_image_by_id($element, ‘featured’, ‘url’).'” Title=”‘.$element.'”>’;

    $this->slides_xml .= $text.$url;

    $this->slides_xml .= ‘</Image>’;




    if(avia_backend_is_file($element, ‘html5video’) || avia_backend_is_file($element, array(‘swf’)))


    preg_match(“!^(.+?)(?:.([^.]+))?$!”, $element, $path_split);

    $tag = ‘Video’;

    if($path_split[2] == ‘swf’) $tag = ‘Flash’;

    $this->slides_xml .= ‘<‘.$tag.’ Source=”‘.$element.'” Title=”‘.$element.'” Width=”‘.$avia_config.'” Height=”‘.$avia_config.'” Autoplay=”true” >’;


    ok, I found a solution. I installed this plugin, which launches ALL http:// or https:// links in a new window, site wide. (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -new-window/

    Problem solved.



    Glad you found it.



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