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    Prior to reporting a bug or requesting support please make sure you are using the latest update!

    Below you will find the version number of the latest update release of your theme. Please make sure that the version number listed below matches the version number of your theme. To find your theme’s version number, please look at the very top of the style.css file located inside your theme folder.

    If your theme has a lower version number than the number listed below, please log into themeforest using the account you used to purchase the theme, then download and install the latest update before reporting a bug or requesting support.

    Watch a video on Updating with FTP:

    Please be aware that theme updates overwrite every file in your theme folder including custom.css, so please make sure to create a backup copy of your current theme before you update.

    Note: The version numbers below only apply to WordPress theme releases. HTML theme version numbers may vary.

    <hr />

    Abundance: 2.0

    Angular: 1.7

    Avisio: 1.2.1b

    Brightbox: 1.5

    Broadscope: 1.4

    Choices: 1.9

    CleanCut: 1.2.1

    Coalition: 1.7

    Coherence: 1.6

    Corona: 1.5

    Cubit: 1.0

    Display: 2.0.3

    Eunoia: 1.5

    Enfold: 2.4.2

    Expose: 1.4

    Flagship: 1.6

    Flashlight: 2.4

    Habitat: 1.1.1

    Incarnation: 1.2 (If you show 1.5/1.6 its actually 1.0, that was a typo in the original download)

    Levitation: 1.3.2

    Newscast: 2.0.3

    Propulsion: 2.1

    Replete: 1.5

    Sentence: 1.8

    Shoutbox: 1.4

    Twicet: 2.0

    Upscale: 1.4

    Velvet: 1.4

    <span style=”color:grey”>(Updated on August 7, 2013 – Devin)</span>

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