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    Sorry, me again :-(

    I discovered a strange behaviour of the CSS formatting of the 2nd level menu:

    The next to last menu has sub menus with boxes:


    But the last menu’s sub-items have no boxes at all:


    I’ve tried to analyse it with Firebug and it seems that to the last menu item (in my example: “Termine”) are other CSS styles assigned as to all other menu items.

    But I haven’t found, where to change it, so that all 2nd level items have boxes: the last one like the other 6 in front of it.

    Thanks again for your patience.



    Strange, have you made any CSS changes other than the sub nav width?

    Best regards,



    I haven’t changed the sub nav width, as mentioned in another post here, because then the hover width has not changed with it.

    So I have discovered yesterday another way: in the new menu manager of WP 3 I had changed the “appearing name” of the navigation items just in a shorter name. So I need not to change any CSS.

    So I have let all as it was.


    I discovered with firebug right now, that the the 2nd level items of the last item “TERMINE” got another CSS style than the items of the navigation in front of this last.

    The style for the last 2nd level item (here: “Termine” –> “Ausstellungen”) has this style:

    http://i29.tinypic.com/2lyt5x.jpg (no boxes around 2nd level menu)

    and all other 2nd level items, like “Kunstmarketing-Tipps” under “Kunstmarketing” at the left of “Termine”, has another style:

    http://i32.tinypic.com/qr0wsh.jpg (with boxes around 2nd level menu)

    But I have no idea, where in the theme this is assigned to.

    [EDIT 2:]

    ok, it is a theme’s problem:

    I have installed quickly a brand new WordPress 3 with NEWSCAST on another server, with no changes to whatever, no CSS changed, no plugins, no contents here:


    Look at the grey navigation at “Kategorie F”: there the 2nd and 3rd level has boxes.

    Then look at the grey navigation at “Kategorie G”: there are no boxes around the 2nd and 3rd level of this item.



    Looks like this could be a bug in the theme.

    Marked for Kriesi’s attention.

    Best regards,



    Thanks, James, I will wait until further notice from you or Kriesi.


    You haven’t found out a reason yet?



    I’m guessing Kriesi’s still looking into this.

    Best regards,



    I’m having this problem also. Thanks in advance,



    Is it possible to get a response on this problem? I have a client waiting.

    – kfinkler


    please try the following:

    in style1.css (arround line 92) search for: #top .catnav li ul a

    and change it to #top .catnav li .sub-menu a

    that should overrule the noborder declaration for the last menu item


    AWESOME it worked, thanks again for a fabulous theme!


    Works for me perfect now, too.

    Thanks a lot!!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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